3 Entrepreneurial Business Rules

 By Ken Sundheim

There are certain business rules in existence that young, up-and-coming business professionals and entrepreneurs should do their best to abide by. Paying attention to and following these rules will inevitably make your career and business run more smoothly and successfully.

Taking A Genuine Interest In People…

One of the strongest assets a young business professional (or any business professional) can acquire is a good set of listening skills. People love to speak about themselves and, this becomes… (more . . .)

8 Strategies to Improve Your Visibility

BY Kim T. Gordon

Do you have ambitious growth plans for your company, but a limited marketing budget? There’s no need to compromise your goals. There are lots of great, budget-smart tactics that will put your business on the fast track–even if you don’t have deep pockets. Here’s a list of eight proven marketing tools and tactics specially created for the budget-conscious entrepreneur.

1. Customer rewards: Since it may cost as much as five times more to win a new… (more . . .)

The Human Touch and Sales

By Mel Robbins

I was having dinner with my mom when something strange happened. I couldn’t read the menu. I squinted. I furrowed. I moved the menu back and forth. I moved the candle closer for more light. Finally my mom handed me her glasses. The words came into focus as did the realization that for the first time in my life, I needed glasses. I wasn’t sure what kind I wanted or where to buy them, so I went online.… (more . . .)

Short Term Thinking Can Harm Your Business

By Susan Oakes

Looking at a number of websites over the last week many, even the ones that get healthy traffic, seem to have a short term project focus.

There was nothing on the websites that provided a reader with any hint that they want to do business with their customers over a longer period of time. Or that their services extend beyond one offs.

The Problem with Project Thinking

It leads you into the trap of continually needing new… (more . . .)

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